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Thanks for visiting! Have you reached your best destiny yet? We are here to help you to reach your best destiny to live your dream life.
Our company CCCC,INC is focused on providing high-quality service, education, and customer satisfaction - we will do everything we can to education you and train you to reach your best destiny.

We offer many programs and classes to educate you to be clear about your strengths and potential. We provide good quality one on one teaching, coaching, and education services to help you heal any hurt from your past, to empower you to live fully at the moment, and to guide you to reach your future destiny through caring services.  You will know your talents, strengths, and gifts better through our services to open up a better future for you.  We have transformed many lives for people to live a happy balanced life so you won't miss your dream life.  You are created with an unique plan and special dream.
With a variety of offerings to choose from, we're sure you'll be happy working with us. Look around our website and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us.

A lot of people don’t believe they can use their gifts to make money. Like many Churches, they think people need to use their gifts for free. Most people  keep their lives separate. It’s like a double life. M-F, go to work, don’t like it. Weekend, go to Church where they use their gifts to serve to feel happy.

I can help you to find a career, or create a business where you can use your gifts and make good money. You can be spiritual to respond to your higher calling to serve and also make good money. You do not need to choose either spiritual or wealthy. You can have both.
I help people to love themselves and also to love whatever they do, so they can be happier and live their higher purpose.

When You Use Your Giftts to Good Money, You live your Purpose and Create a More Fulfullment Life.

My Point Of View
  • Everyone is a unique person. They can definitely bring their gifts to the world. And by doing so, they can also make a good income.
  • When they get real about who they are and can be serious to choose something they really love to do, THAT’s when they can be happy. That’s the key to happiness.

Most People work in a job they do not like. They do not use their gifts. They use their gifts somewhere else as a hobby or free service. According to Forbes (2014,), 52.3% of people are unhappy at work.  If you continue working in a work you are unhappy, what will happened?

  • You’re never going to be happy.
  • You may lose your job because you’re overworked, too stressful, have health problems, and not be happy.
  • Spiritually, they feel bad because they feel like they failed b/c didn’t live their higher purpose.
  • No high sense of fulfillment. That they won’t leave a legacy in the world.
  • You maybe like me--I’ve always felt that God had a higher purpose for me, ever since I was kid. But no one ever encouraged me. I never knew how to do it. So I gave up that dream.
  • Regret to waste time to work in a job you do not like
If you don’t learn how to use your gifts in your work, you will never be completely satisfied in your life.
If you don’t learn how to be real about who you are and to do what you are called to do, you will never be happy, no matter what career you have – if you don’t find a way to use your gifts in your work, you will always feels overworked, too stressed out, you will have health problems, it will affect your relationships.
And the worst part is that you’ll look back with regret. Because you’ll feel that on a spiritual level, you failed somehow, because you didn’t live your higher purpose.

Please come to me to have the answer of your life--

Yes, you can better use your gifts to make good money.
Yes, you can live your purpose and create a fullfullment life.
Yes, you can be Happy and Wealthy.
Please check the "about" to continue to read my story so you will understand how I am passionate to help you use your gifts to make good money so you can be spiritually and also wealthy to live your higher purpose to have great sense of fulfullment in life.

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